The International Journal of High School Research aims to select the highest quality of student work to represent the future of the scientific community. Two issues will be published each year with selections of a variety of student work. Only manuscripts prepared according to template guidelines will be considered for review. For any questions, please send an email to editor@terraed.org.

Why publish with IJHSR

Students gain experience writing for a scientific journal which may help their college applications stand out. IJHSR is unique in that high school students from around the globe are published together. Students can see how they stack up internationally and read the work of their peers around the world.

Editorial Board

We thank our editorial board member who provide their expertise at no cost to applicants. If you would like to join the IJHSR team as an editorial board member, please email your credentials to editor@terraed.org.



Dr. Richard Beal,  Director of International Programs, Terra Science and Education


Claire Madigan,  K-12 Program Coordinator, Terra Science and Education


Hailee Claycomb, Copy Editor Intern, Terra Science and Education
Lauren Devlin,
Marketing Associate, Terra Science and Education
Kaylee May, 
Director of Marketing & Operations, Terra Science and Education
Mary Eileen Wood,  STEM Education Consultant, Terra Science and Education   


Dr. Fehmi Damkaci,  President, Terra Science and Education
Dr. Sreeram Dhurjaty, Owner & Primary Consultant, Dhurjaty Electronics Consulting, LLC
Dr. Ernest Hemphill, Microbiology Professor, Syracuse University
Dr. Martin Tenniswood,  Cancer Research Center,  SUNY Albany
Richard Wood P.E.,  COO,  Applied Biorefinery Sciences


Herbert Fountain
Fiona Hennig, Oakland Children’s Hospital
Phoebe Kurtzman,  Dartmouth College,  Spotify   
Grayson Lenhard, University of Rochester
Bradley Neureuther
Hakeem Salem, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Liam Sayward

We thank our sponsor for their support and recognition with the process of creating this journal. You can find out more about Terra Science and Education at terraed.org.


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