Facts and Questions

1. When is the IJHSR submission deadline?
IJHSR accepts submissions all year long. Biannual issues will be published in January and June. To qualify for publication, work must be submitted in the proper format to editor@terraed.org by the following dates:

For January issues, submissions will be considered until October 1
For June issues, submissions will be considered until March 1

2. Should my research paper list my mentor/teacher as an author?
It is not required to list an adult supervisor, teacher, or mentor as an author on your paper. If you feel they played a vital role in the research, they may be listed, but must be identified as a supervisor, teacher, mentor, etc. Student names should be listed first and identified as a student.

i.e.  Authors: Anna Smith (student), James Brown (student), Erin Johnson (mentor)

3. Are there any fees for submission?
There are no fees affiliated with submitting work to IJHSR.