Facts and Questions

1. When is the IJHSR submission deadline?
IJHSR accepts submissions all year long. Biannual issues will be published in February and July. To qualify for publication, work must be submitted in the proper format to editor@terraed.org by the following dates:

For February issues, submissions will be considered until September 1
For July issues, submissions will be considered until April 1

2. Should my research paper list my mentor/teacher as an author?
It is not required to list an adult supervisor, teacher, or mentor as an author on your paper. If you feel they played a vital role in the research, they may be listed, but must be identified as a supervisor, teacher, mentor, etc. Student names should be listed first and identified as a student.

i.e.  Authors: Anna Smith (student), James Brown (student), Erin Johnson (mentor)

3. Are there any fees for submission?
There are no fees required for submitting work to IJHSR.

4. How should I cite my work?
All citations should be done in ACS format. Papers cited in other formats will not be considered for publication. Each time you reference someone else’s work, it is required that you use a superscript number to reference the number that corresponds with the work cited in your “References” section. All students are responsible for properly citing their work.

Please utilize the following resources to help correctly cite your work:

5. Text Format/Style
All papers should be submitted in Arial font:

Body/Paragraph Text: 10pt font
Sub Headers: 12pt font, italicized, bold
Section Headers: 14 pt font, bold
Paper Title: 16pt font, bold

Papers are to be single spaced, with ONLY ONE SPACE between each sentence. Do not indent paragraphs. Create a new paragraph by using the “Enter” key.

6. For more help on submitting your work please use the following guide:


It is highly recommended that students enter the text from their papers directly into the IJHSR Template in order to submit their work in the proper format.