Leveraging Technology to Mitigate Hunger

Aradhana Porwal

Vol. 2 Issue 1. p. 25- 28 (2020)


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ABSTRACT: The co-existence of hunger and wastage of food is a social crime. Efforts of non-profits, though serious, have not yielded sustainable results due to inherent limitation of charity and costs in their models. This paper presents a sustainable and scalable model to mitigate hunger. It is based on an efficient, electronic platform which allows people to donate food in a hassle-free and cost-neutral manner while maintaining the quality of donated food. The platform can be used to tackle all kinds of food wastage; however, the focus of pilot for this paper has been kept on the ‘paid’ variety of food wastage – the food for which an individual has actually paid themselves. In April 2019, the system was made available to users of VH Spice Box, a food start-up in Bhopal. The results were very encouraging and have validated the whole model. It is found that not only are more people donating food, but each person is donating more. Two satisfaction surveys have established the basic parameters related to the quality of donated food have been maintained. The model has not added any cost to the participating company, thereby not adversely affecting its price competitiveness. This paper details the possible future course of actions to scale up the model.

KEYWORDS: Hunger; Food Wastage; Information Technology; Hunger Mitigation; Sustainable Model